PSP Vita - Who is digging this? Who wants to purchase?

Feb 2009
United States
CreepinDeth said:
Sources? Last I heard, the $300 is the Wi-Fi only version and the $350 is the 3G version. I have not heard of a $250 version.
Uhh… what? The wi-fi version is $250 at pretty much any US retailer afaik.
Feb 2009
United States
Yeah, (at GameStop, at least) there's the wi-fi version (comes with nothing but the system) for $250, and a 3G/wi-fi version (comes with a 8GB mem card, and some other little things) for $300, and a "bundle" (3G/wi-fi) you can get a week early (15th) for $350, and it comes with a 4GB mem card and a few other things.

I still can't get a clear answer on what exactly the memory card is needed for. Anyone know?
Jan 2012
georgia, usa
GamingMaiden said:
Um....actually, I think I changed my mind. I was describing to my Dad how the PSVita works, why it's different than the PSP, and if it would be my handheld console of choice. I think I just talked myself into getting one. Dangit! :lol

The same exact thing has happened to me! I wasnt 100% sold on it yet, and then I started pitching it to my wife. Now my heart is beating with excitement. I can't wait for mine. I'm interested to see how the touch pad on the back will come into play.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Guy in my workplace has one. And I will tell you, that screen, the size of it, will quickly spoil anyone. It makes all the difference. He got the 1st edition package deal.

Marvel vs Capcom looks great on it. :)
Jun 2012
I have one playing it with Wipe Out and Unit 13 haven't had an Uncharted yet can't wait to have the good games that will come out on PS Vita and some good apps too like youtube I heard they will have it at the end of this month ...