Neo Geo CD Pulstar makes good first impressions

well i had a couple of friends over in the past week and introduced them Pulstar. they really loved it! they left with a tangible appreciation of the challenging gameplay, sweet graphics and great music. they've never had any exposure to the NGCD or most Neo-Geo games so it felt satisfying to introduce them to it. they weren't even bothered by the load times.

the difficulty really starts to ramp up during stage 3! stage 2 took me a while until i found out an easy way to get through the part near the end of the stage with the pink energy field power-up.

does pulstar have more than 4 stages?
it's worth every penny if you ask me. great game, timeless enjoyment. every time i play i start from stage one (you can select your stage at the start) just to go through everything again.
I definitely want to pick up this title. I am currently stuck on Boss 4 in Last Resort (5 stages total) but once I finally beat it, Pulstar is next on my hit list. Never much cared for shmups until I got R-Type bundled with a Master System on eBay. I fired it up and was hooked! Since then I have played Zaxxon's Motherbase 2000 on the 32x (solid title) and Last Resort. I also have Viewpoint waiting for some play time on the Neo Geo CD, but I really prefer shmups of the horizontal type.

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