Sega Dreamcast Question about my Dreamcast; Anybody know?

I was playing Giga Wing yesterday (great game), and I noticed that the picture was good, but blurry. In game was not that noticable, but the text was the most noticable.

Is it a problem with my dreamcast? Or is it just going from s-video to composite?

Now, my SNES is composite, and I do not have the blurriness problem with it. Lemmings is crystal clear.


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best way to tell is to try a Dreamcast S-Video to see if it clears things up.

When going from S/V to A/V on my Gamecube... I noticed a MEGA difference.....
S/V kicks the crap out of A/V.

on my N64, there is only a slight difference between S/V and A/V..... and honestly, I only use A/V for the N64 because you can see more "gritties" with the S/V.

Dreamcast... I use an A/V... but I also have an S/V. On my DC... things are not blurry via A/V, BUT there is better quality S/V.

Try the S/V and see if it improves. IF not, its your DC, or your connection to your TV. Heck, it could even be a faulty A/V cable you are using :)

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