Random Facts About Yourself...

A good way to get to know and understand eachother better. You can come in as many times as u want and list as many or as few facts about yourself as you want...you can go in depth with explanations on why you are you or just list short lil things about urself. :)

You can talk about other things ppl listed in facts about themselves too or ask questions, of course.
Ok, a couple random things to start with...

If I was an animal I think I would be a bunny whether I wanted to be that or not.

I realized that when ppl start drinking a lot I stop hanging out with them or talking to them much without even realizing it...I don't do it on purpose, but I find drunk ppl to be annoying usually er unattractive. They might be great ppl, but I would rather talk to them sober.

I can't whistle. I can make weird lil noises...but they are not much of a whistle..they sound more like those blow pop things. lol


Jun 2004
Milk bath eh? :p Um...random facts...

I hate elevators! Seriously they give me horrible panic attacks. The fact that you are crammed in this tiny space with a bunch of strangers and truly no way out...ick...

I'm also short, 5'7''

I do not own any current gen console or handheld
@ Mai....why would u have to legally change ur name to ur own name? That IS a weird law :O

@x2 I had forgotten that u were like that about elevators, but that reminds me of another fact about me. I can't stand having my arms pinned to my sides...like being rolled up in a blanket like a caterpillar...I want my arms out...if a slide is narrow I don't go down it (enclosed) if I feel I won't be able to move my arms well etc.

@ Thrav. I am glad I don't have ur job, since I am allergic to milk. On Saturday I get to be tested to get certified at Starbucks. If I pass I work alone (which sucks when I barely learned the stuff for checking ppls food out and making all the drinks) I think if I fail certification I either get fired or else get another shot at it but no more work til Ipass. It's pretty stressful, but not too excited bout working alone either, cuz I am sure something is going to go wrong.

@ Akira I guess not being able to burp is like not being able to whistle....sort of...

Mai Valentine

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Jun 2004
It's because the last name on my birth certificate doesn't match the name I actually use. I was born in California, where at the time, all you had to do to change a name was just to start using it. So my mom enrolls me in school under a changed name and poof, that's my new name. No legal documents needed. But when I came to Georgia and tried to transfer my CA driver's license to a GA one, they were like "These names don't match. Where are your papers showing there was a name change?" But obviously because there were no papers, I don't have them?? So I have to make my name change legal in GA. It's still legal in CA but I doubt I'll move back there again. And this way I will have papers in case I move somewhere else and they give me trouble about it too.
Jan 2010
Northern AL
I was unloading from the pallet, the crate slipped and fell 6 feet to the floor. 4 gallons of milk went EVERYWHERE.
And then I had to continue working in the cooler (40 degrees) drenched in milk :|
Jan 2012
georgia, usa
In the next four weeks, there are more games I want that are coming out, but I cannot afford them all. That is a fact. Even if it isn't grammatically correct.
Jan 2010
Northern AL
mariorulezman said:
I'm 6'1''

I haven't bought a console since PS2.

I have terrible luck.
I didn't take it for the pay, though. I took it for the hours.

I also got offered more hours per week at BK. I work 55-60 hours a week now. WOOOOOOOOOOO-*dies*