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I can smell extremely well, regrettably, and have intense feelings towards smells, like hate, love, etc. I love the smell of skunks sooo much, and I hate smelling garlic in the morning. Also, I can't hear as good as some ppl becuz of lawn care work for years, even with ear protection it still damaged my hearing somewhat.
Oh. I cannot see things clearly in my mind. They look fuzzy, and the idea of rotating them in myhead is almost impossible, which makes some games hard to play (ones where you have to invision what the pieces would look like flipped er stuff like that)
Jan 2010
Northern AL
I work way too much.
I worked so much this week, I thought something was wrong when I found out I got tomorrow off.
I swear, I was calling my managers and was all like "This can't be right- I NEVER get a day off!"
x2's comments about his now ex gf in the other thread made me start thinking about myself a bit and how I am in relationships. My personality is ALL IN. What I mean is, if I wanna be in a relationship with someone then my heart and soul is really into it, and I want to be with em one hundred percent of the time and my world revolves around them...but I am half libra and so expect the same in return (all must be balanced lol). Some people in the past have said that this an unhealthy way of thinking, or that I can get hurt more if I live my life that way etc. But I guess, frankly, I don't care. It is the only way I feel happy...to be as unified and connected and as one as possible with the person I love. That is the main thing life seems to be about for me. Nothing even holds my interest well unless I am enjoying it with the person I love or becuz of them or for them etc etc. I am not afraid that I will lose my identity in the process...that IS my identity. And to be in a relationship with me I think can be quite demanding at times...not financially at all, and I don't have to have certain brands or be doing something exciting on dates and the guy does not have to be beefed up er own a fancy car er house...but he does have to understand how my mind works and let me in. He can't have any lil sections inside of himself with walls around it...everything has to be open and upfront, even if it is stuff I hate to know er hear, and he has to not only tolerate me tagging along with him to work er sports, er working on car er gaming er hanging with friends er whatever he does ...he has to learn to enjoy it and to want that. A person who values their secrets and privacy and is never fully open and is afraid of becoming to one er too blended with another person could never work out at being in a relationship with me, cuz I want the relationship to come first and be magical, to be soul mates to become other creature made up of two people. Ok, so there is my big long thing I wrote. Now I got bored of typing, so I guess this is the end of this paragraph thingy lol.
Oh, also I really like lemon flavored teas. :) With no sweetners er anything, and lemon flavored iced tea too (but that can be sweetened) and I also like lemon juice squirted in my water. It is all nice and sour then :) i like tangy and I like sour and I kinda like some bitter things too.


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May 2004
I have started boxing :lol

I've lost a lot of my ideas that I used to have... like back in 2005 when in college and still an entrepreneur... I had ideas all the time. Business ideas, doing things... how to do things... I had notebooks dedicated to ideas. they don't flow freely anymore. It's not really sad, just life is different. If I had a business again... amongst other things... they probably would start flowing again.

I am really digging the single life... :lol I never thought I could be content being single... but the last few months, I've purposely stayed single. It was ridiculously hard for me to do so at 1st... but I'm really liking it now.

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