Random Facts About Yourself...

Jan 2013
Well, I like playing games, mobile games, PC games, online games. Except for Mario Bros, on game which I really like most is Draw-Something-Online.net not so famous today but it did made a history. That's for my game life, it is colorful. hahaha.

My favorite color is blue, any shade. But it doesn't mean I am blue. I love music - genre? Except those heavy metal rock. And I like free samples. What else? That will be all for now.
I feel really sad about people growing up...like it disapoints me er something...like I do not care if they get older or have an adult body but ...their mind changes....not everyones does, but it just seems sad when people I used to get along with er love to be by grow up and then all the stuff I still love they now think is childish er boring er not interesting...and usually when I am by people my own age I cannot even think up what to talk about and the conversations feel extremely tedious. I guess that is what I get for picking mIchael Jackson as a role model growing up haha. Well, I am glad that not everybody grows up...my husband is a big kid and I love that. Everyone should stay a kid in my opinion lol. :)