RAZER enters the console market

Jun 2004
This is a bit dated (January 2010) but I thought it was very interesting.

RAZER, a longtime maker of high end gaming mice and headsets, has officially started making Xbox 360 accessories.


They offer a custom wired controller with customizable thumbstick resistance and 2 extra programmable shoulder buttons (you can map any button to them with a slider on the back.) It retails for $50, which is actually the retail price for a regular wireless (though its pretty easy to find them on sale for $40, or in a play and charge kit for $55).

I'm really intrigued by this. It could be really useful for hardcore gamers, plus it looks cool. But I wonder how easy it would be to get used to using the other bumpers as opposed to the face buttons, and how fast the analog sticks wear out. I might get one and report back.

The headset looks rather ugly, IMO, but does have a built in headset and full surround sound.

I just saw this today and was astounded, about time they got in on the business.


Forum Staff
May 2004
The problem I always have with third-party controllers for the 360 is that they change the joysticks so much... these actually look very nice, though. Yeah, I can understand why they change them, but I'm liking the look of this controller.