RE4 Review

Mar 2007
The moon shines as you and Ashley walk through one of Spain’s rural villages. You hear the distant cries of the villagers behind you. Suddenly as you turn around quickly, a crazy man with a chainsaw comes and slices your head off. That’s one of the most memorable experiences for me when I first got to playing it. Of course…those crazy villagers are not the only thing you’ll face in this horror survival game. There are far scarier things to worry about…

This game had amazing graphics for the GameCube. While many people (in my area) may complain about the Gamecube’s low graphics, I tend to think that this is perhaps the best looking game on the system in my honest opinion. The levels and areas you visit are fantastically horrific. The plot unravels beautifully with cinematic scenes as scary as they are intense and great. I haven't be this scared seeing something come at me like a Regen. If these graphics were dumbed down, it would be hilarious. But no. This was truly scary in many ways possible.

Now….gameplay here seriously changed. I mean seriously. In my honest opinion, this game now defined 3rd person shooters. Capcom did a daring move and it turned out for the better. Because of the positive outcome of it, future Resident Evil games will receive this upgrade for their gameplay now. I enjoyed it very much. You can easily turn 180 (thank you RE3!) and run like hell comfortably. No more will you have to slowly turn or walk awkardly. You'll now have the comfort of running for your life.

Every time I jumped, it was maybe because of the sound effects and person on the scene. The music was haunting and yet so pretty at the same time. I enjoyed the realistic gun effects. Angry villagers made me afraid at tense moments. It really added on to the great experience I had. During 5-4, the music was beautiful. I'd buy the soundtrack if I were you. It's a great score. Loved it.

Replay value? Yes sir. This game has mini-games, new weapons, and new costumes when you beat it the first time around. I’m currently addicted to one of the mini-games. Yep…I am. Mercenaries is one of the two mini-games you get. It’s just….too good. And for the story mode...I'm on my 6th time. 6th time people!

Overall, this game is receiving from me…a 10 out of 10. Good job Capcom!
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Superb Job GM :)

Only thing you need to change, is the graphic issues. I honestly think nobody complained about the RE4 on Cube by far. Unless you meant to state about other games on the GameCube? It still looks better compared to some PS2 games, amazingly.
Mar 2007
Yeah, the GCN was second in graphics last gen, PS2 was last. And, even though I entirely disagree with the review, it's still a well written one.