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Jun 2005
Yeah, I just recently found out about the Treasure of the Caribbean Neo CD release and the real recent Bang Bang Busters Neo CD release.

I wouldn't mind some impressions ;-) (especially of Bang Bang Busters)

I've got to admit, I checked out some footage of Bang Bang Busters and it looks REALLY fun. I would really like to own it. I don't think that the prices that are being asked on eBay are worth it for an "unofficial" release, however.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
This is the first that I have heard of this. Bang Bang Busters remind me of a mix of Parasol Stars and Snow Bros. Looks to be a fun game. I wonder why they never released it back then? Glad to see it out now, but the price is more that I can manage.


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May 2004
fernandeath said:
Has anyone in here buoght Bang Bang Busters or Treasure of the Caribbean for NGCD?
What do you guys think of them?

Was this recently ported or brought out?

I haven't kept track of the Neo CD market over the last year since I sold out of all Neo Geo CD items.

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Years can pass, but I will always start right where I left off!

I have since purchased Treasure of the Caribbean and Bang Bang Busters. I consider Treasure of the Caribbean to be a throw-away title. It feels unfinished, it has very little in the way of graphics/sound, and it just doesn't impress me very much. Understand, I do enjoy puzzle games. . .but on a console with Twinkle Star Sprites, or Puzzle Bobble, or even Zintrick (which is my not so guilty pleasure), why bother with a sub-par puzzle title? Opinions may vary, and I am happy to listen to them. . .but to me, ToC is a stinker.

On the other hand, I very much enjoy Bang Bang Busters. Honestly, I could not put it better than retro junkie - mix of Parasol Stars and Snow Brothers. . .I would throw Buster Brothers in, too! The gameplay is very enjoyable. . .this title was obviously either VERY far along/complete in development! It is not a cultural revolution, and its style is obviously unoriginal. .but it is a very fun, shallow 2D arcade title. And, isn't that why we all love the Neo? It is a fun little romp, great fun with a second player. . .this is the type of game you can probably get your wife to play - definitely worked with Mrs. Chemist!

Now, once I can talk myself into it, I will have to pick up Last Hope. I hear great things about it. I am determined to get every Neo CD release. I am only 3 down! I've been busy in the intervening years, lol.