Resident Evil Remake Review

Your mind seems to grasp at the last bit of sanity you have. Your teammates have been killed or disappearing just moments ago. As you investigate a hall, you hear a disturbing sound of slurps and crunches. You walk slowly towards the sound and grasp in horror. You find your teammate being eaten alive by a mutant. Or if you want to be simple, call it a zombie. This is a moment filled with terror and panic. Here’s the funny part. You haven’t even been playing the game for 10 minutes.
Capcom, the company you all know and love, has decided to remake the legendary survival horror game previously on the PSone and PC….Resident Evil. This game has been remade after the success of this remake on the DS and mobile phones. But it hasn’t been so beautifully crafted as well as it was on the GameCube. Reviewers marveled over how well it was created. So similar to its original release, yet very different.
Every time I turn this game on and begin playing, the eerie sounds of the mansion and the visuals of it was just overwhelmingly delightful. Just the mere sound of the music raging all the sudden and the seemingly realistic zombies rushing towards you sends shivers down my spine. Do you charge towards it with your gun? Do you run away? There are many things to do actually in this game. You’ll know if you pay attention to the details like special files. Letters and files lurk around in every corner. Search for them, and a piece of the puzzle is uncovered.
What puzzle am I talking about? The exciting story of it, of course. I’d love to talk about it all day but I’d give too much away. The great thing about this game, I can say, is that it sets up a story for a whole series so after finishing it, you can definitely begin getting the rest of the games to discover more of this series.
Controls are very easy to pick up. It picks up the 180 degree turns from RE3 and the camera angles don’t hinder the experience of these great controls. Who knew that the Gamecube could adapt so well to this game as well as it had done back in it’s release in 1996? The only complaint I had was the aiming. Not the greatest but I still found it somewhat easy to hit my target. Headshots are possible but it's not very often these happen.

Overall, I have no regrets, problems, troubles, or etc with it. It’s just an experience that must be played. Just a complaint or two, but nothing else ruins the experince of this incredible game.

Very well done :) REmake was one of the most ground breaking visuals I thought. I remember originally, the company announced that they were suppose to remake all of them, but it was really a bad miscommunication. However, at least we recieved this one. The Puzzles are much more depth compared to 1 (PSX) and 2 I'd say.
MegaDrive20XX said:
I remember originally, the company announced that they were suppose to remake all of them, but it was really a bad miscommunication. However, at least we recieved this one.
Yea, I remember that. They remade the first then just ported the second and third one. I found that a bit disappointing.
GamingMaiden said:
Both. I personally found Jill to be easier. I didn't enjoy Chris with the old keys very much but it made it a little harder. I kinda liked it. ^.^
Yeah exactly. Chris is a little harder which makes it interesting. I think I need to start a new file on this game :D
Yeah, game is SUPREME ! After playin the RE5 demo, it made me wanna go back and play the other RE games in the series. Somethin to do until RE5 is released

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