Retro Bit+ N64 controller review

Jan 2010
Northern AL
So, I finally bought an N64 the other day. It's the first one I've ever owned myself (although both my neighbor and best friend had them, and I spent considerably large amounts of time playing them). Unfortunately, both the Nintendo N64 controllers PNT had turned out to be broken, so they gave me this new, off brand controller called the Retro Bit+.

I was kind of disappointed that I wasn't going to have a real controller (later, my new neighbor gave me a Nintendo controller he picked up at a thrift store for a dollar, even though he didn't have a N64), but this controller surprised me.

Compared to the normal controller, this one is a little smaller, the right and left points of the controller are a good bit smaller, but it actually felt more comfortable for me this way. The indents on the bottom of the RetroBit controller are a bit deeper that the original N64 controller, so you get better grip, and I personally think it's more comfortable.

Next to the start button on the RB+, there is a new button- A slow motion button. Pushing it puts the game you're playing in slow motion. I'm not sure if this works on all games, all I've used it on is Perfect Dark (which is kind of unnecessary, but fun. lol). Nothing incredibly special, but a cool addition to give you a little edge on tough parts of certain games, I suppose.

The buttons next to the D-Pad are 'Set' and 'Clear' buttons, that allow you to set a button to be used as a rapid fire button. For instance, say your fire button is Z, and you are playing a game where you are constantly firing. Set Z to be your 'turbo' button, and you hit it once and it will rapid fire 12 shots. Nifty.

The only downside is the D-pad. The D-Pad isn't even set in the controller. I could easily stick a pen or pencil between it and the actual controller part without popping it off. The D-Pad itself doesn't feel extremely awkward or anything, it just bothers me how easily it could pop off, and I have no idea if it would be easy to put back on.

Overall, I say it's as good as the Nintendo N64 controller. Maybe even better. The RB+ is very comfortable, ever since I've been using it, the Nintendo controller has just felt like a SNES controller that grew legs. :lol I give it a 9/10
Something else worth mentioning, the RB+ joystick resembles a PS joystick. The original Retro Bit N64 controller (Not the '+' model) has a more classic N64 joystick, which I'm sure some of the older gamers here would prefer. I personally like the RB+ joystick, just thought I'd throw in that tidbit of info.

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