Sega Dreamcast RIP DC

Jun 2004
Brandon, FL
I've been heartbroken and somewhat depressed for the past 3 days. Why? well 3 days ago I'm sitting in my room enjoying my DC playing my all-time favorite fighting game MvC2 (Marvel vs. Capcom 2). I was in training mode trying out some new moves I saw on YouTube and thought I could do them but no luck but practice makes perfect. I had to be playing for maybe an hour or so till something came up to where I had to leave in a hurry, didn't get to turn off my console either.

I got done doing what I had to do and forgot I left my DC on overnight, I mean I seen it on but I was just way to sleepy and lazy to get up and turn it off. The next day came and I up for some more MvC2. I noticed that it was still on in fact it was loading the title screen over and over so I left the room to get something to drink, came back and seen that my DC was off! I was like " Wtf?!" I tried turning it on and nothing happened, I unplugged it and plugged it back in and nothing, I then waited like 20mins and tried again and noticed that it was turning on but turned straight back off. So I came to the conclusion that my DC done finally kicked the bucket saddest day for me. I'm now on eBay searching my new love.