RROD after downloading Skyrim 1.5 patch

Aug 2007
Pretty much what it says. I have the game installed to run from my hard drive. I signed in, started the game, downloaded the patch like normal. Everything was behaving normally. Then I opened up a chest and the system froze. I shut the system off manually and restarted it. It froze on the XBOX logo load screen a couple times. When it loaded the system menus after a few tries, I messed around with the other apps I have for a while, enough to determine that they were working normally. When I exited the Twitter app, the system froze again. I powered it off and back on manually, and it froze on the loading XBOX logo a few more times. After manually powering it off and back on, it red ringed.

I shut everything off and unhooked it, and left it off for about 20 minutes. When I went back to it again and reconnected everything, I was able to load Skyrim again and everything was behaving normally. I opened a dresser, and the system froze. The next couple times I reset the system, it was just showing red ring. If I can get the system to load again I'm going to delete my hard drive files for it and try running the game off the disk to see if this works but honestly I'm sort of flipping out.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Jul 2004
4 rr = no av cables / couldn't detect - check your av cables
3 rr = general hardware fail - turn off, unplug everything, plug stuff back in try w/o hdd see if it works then
2 rr = overheat condition - check ventillation let cool for several hours
1 rr = bad piece of hardware - will give an e** code that'll help determine what piece of hardware is failed try turning on w/ no hard drive, or list error code and someone can help further

Mai Valentine

Forum Staff
Jun 2004
It was the dreaded 3 RROD unfortunately. Hardware = dead. But to its credit, the system was purchased in 2007. So it lasted about five years.

Joyling's hard drive was unaffected, so she just bought a used 360.

Also, it actually had nothing to do with the Skyrim patch. It was just coincidental that it happened at the same time as the patch coming out.


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May 2004
I feel like it's weird that it would work, not work, work again, then finally red ring. It seems like usually for people (including me) it would just all of a sudden red ring.

Glad to hear you got another one though! I feel like mine is due to red ring soon....
Jul 2004
2 of mine did almost exactly like joy was talking. It'd freeze first, coincidentally one happened while i was playing oblivion, then it'd throw a red ring every once in a while, and finally it'd just red ring instantly. That was back when Microsoft fixed them for free and gave a free month of live to compensate for the downtown.
Jul 2012
Hey man it's a pretty easy fix at least. Just take it apart and throw some new compound on the CPU and GPU and you should be good to go!