Saturday Morning Super Famicom Marathon!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
(Original Cart, original hardware, on a retro cathode tube TV. The way it was meant to be.)

What other way to start a Saturday than to dive into a pile of games? Just going to give here a short burst of thought on each game as I play, I’ll stop, and give impressions.

Super Valis IV seems to be an adventure platformy, exploration, slasher treat. Enemies seem sparse at times, but that is why I included exploration. You run around exploring the level hunting for these gray blocks that I am thinking are some sort of power ups which adds to your attacks and, or, abilities. You use the “B” to jump, “y” to shoot, or slash, and the “X” for items. And you run across these enemies, more frequently in some areas. The easy level gives you a longer life bar. And that is only “one” life with some continues. You also get the item area prefilled. Normal level is more challenging with more aggressive enemies and so forth. And there are bosses at the end of each level. Only wished I could double jump because there are some places that I have not figured how to reach. Jumps are precise with the items hidden in unexpected places. The game grows on you as you play. No knowledge of Japanese needed to play this game. Everything I see is in English except for the stills in between that give a sense of a story. Can be found relatively inexpensive. Good Game!!!

GRADIUS III is my game. This was the first game that I purchased with my SNES back during the 16-bit era. Hours upon hours spent on this game. It was the relaxer for me after a hard days work. Still holds its own even after all these years, at least it does to me. Just had to have this for my Super Famicom too. This is the shooter (also called shoot’em up, or shmup) to have and the occasional slow down does not bother me. This is one of those shooters that I arm my ship to the teeth and if I get half way through the game then suddenly lose my ship, I turn it off or reset. I don’t want to start at the bottom piloting a puny little ship with nothing. Very English friendly. Can be found relatively inexpensive. Fantastic Game!!!!! Though I am bias toward this genre.

The COMBATRIBES is an arcade 2D side scrolling beat’em up with a mixture of Double Dragon and Final Fight. Got to clean up all that crime in the streets, no one else seems to care, right? This is pure repetitive beat’em up madness. If you like that sort of thing then this is total heaven for you. I love it. I find it humorous and fun. LOL, that first boss who comes out with what looks like a 2x12x10 ft board and starts to beat the tar out of me, whut? Only a life bar? I have to depend upon continues? Whelp guess who got beat to a pulp? I know there are those gamers that just can’t handle mindless stuff like this, but hey, this is arcade fun and it is what made the arcades the “arcade” back then. Then there are those “clowns” in the next stage……………. Only the story part is in Japanese, and it is very English friendly in gameplay, believe me. This can be found moderately expensive, but if you like this sort of thing, I’ll say that it is worth it. Great Game!!!!

Puyo Puyo 2 is one of those type of puzzle games I find intense and at the same time relaxing. The idea is loosely based on tetris in its concept, yet different enough to offer you a fresh experience. Love this sort of arcade gaming and find it does stimulate your thinking in a fun and enjoyable way. I found it easy to stumble my way through the menus, everything is in Japanese. And I was playing in no time. The gameplay, itself, is simple and English friendly. Can be found relatively very inexpensive. Great Game!!!

Super Ghouls n Ghosts (Chōmakaimura) considered a side scrolling platformer, with a bit of shooter element. A little guy in armor can so easily end up in his undies. The armor only protects you for one hit and then you are running for your life in your undies trying to find that power-up that will put you back in your armor. This game is one of those type games in which it seems difficult yet addicting at the same time. Very fun to play and intense. The gameplay makes you feel it was your fault that you just got turned into a pile of bones. I didn’t do that. Did I do that? If I can just, one more time, WAIT A MINUTE, that blasted ghost!! The game is well worth a purchase. Very English friendly. This can be found moderately expensive, but like I said, worth every penny. Fantastic Game!!!!

Hmmm.. this ends this marathon of gaming for today. I shall have more of these. I usually just purchase the cart by itself, but there are a few games here that I will, sooner or later, want the box and manual. And I like the Japanese artwork, so much more colorful and a lot of times with that manga or anime touch. And I hope this has been helpful for anyone looking to purchase a Super Famicom. Most often there are a lot of games in which you will find that the Japanese counterpart is less expensive than the US release on the SNES. And still accessible to anyone that only speaks English.