Neo Geo CD Screenshot suggestion!!!

How about adding a screenshots of every game and its covers like here:
It would be awesome to find pics what kind covers the game has and would be even better if there were pics of usa/jpn version covers....... Could be hard to get hold all covers but mayby we could get all in time :)
i think it would be a cool thing to have. as you say, it would require extensive effort to scan and acquire all those games, but the finished product would be quite cool to look at. most US and JPN neo cd games share the same front and back covers though(except for the language and placement of the Neo Geo logo).

Savage Reign is one game i can think of off the top of my head in which the US and JPN covers are different.

i wouldnt mind scanning some of the games i have but i dont have a scanner :p. also i only have about 17 games :)

i think another issue is the rarity of NGCD games to begin with. there can only be so many collectors in the world before the supply of NGCD games dries up completely. some people buy sealed games and dont even play them or do anything with them which keeps them unseen and unplayed for good :(

for instance, just recently i was in contact with an ebay seller who put several NGCD games up for auction. well one person ended up buying most of the games for an outrageous price ($615 total). most were sealed games. chances are now slim anybody will ever get to see or play those again since this buyer was a collector and probably will never open the games or sell them. sealed collectors just wait it out to finish their collections and in the process keep the game supply low or impossible to find.
I agree. I have a pretty extensive collection across 9 diff. platforms, and I may purchase NEW (shrinkwrapped) games...

but as soon as I receive those games, I open the up, play the hell out of them, and enjoy them as much as possible. Just today I received a new copy of Zool 2 for the Jaguar. I already played it for about an hour. Opened it, played, back in case, on the shelf.

Will I sell them? Not unless there is a major financial crisis in my life...but I never just stash them away from the light of day.

But back on topic, I would totally be willing to do screenshots of the games I have
I can also take pics of the game covers that I own now (and in future when I get more). I´ve have bought couple new ngcd games but I opened the (except baseball stars is still wrapped)


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I think this is a great idea.

How about if we link the screenshot section between the masterlist (IE the game name will be a link) and the games pages. The Games Pages will contain all the actual screen shots..etc?


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