Sega Master System Sega MAster System / Tectoy games... where they good?


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May 2004
I am not sure how many of you played the MEgadrive tec toy games (IE Moral Combat 3) made for the sega master system.... but if you have played some of these games, how are they? How do they play?

Post it up and discuss. :)

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Jan 2005
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From my experience, some of those Tec Toy games for SMS are nothing more then GameGear ports or hacks.

Also fair warning, some of those Brazilian Tec Toy games will NOT work on US SMS

Especially Street Fighter 2 and Sonic Blast here's a FAQ site that explains more PAL to NTSC issues with SMS

A majority of the popular titles will work without any problems on SMS
Sep 2004
I owned both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter II for the SMS, and to be quite honest, both games weren’t very good. SF II was the better of the two, but the in-game AI was non-existent.
Sep 2004
Btw: they also released MK II for the SMS. While I hate emulation personally, you can try this hack for educational purposes (watch for pop ups):
Sep 2004
MegaDrive20XX said:
Picture a really choppy...and's MK3 on SMS....I couldn't even stand up for 1 minute without being knocked out
Was it possible to execute combos while playing? I bet not... :lol