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I have a few questions about the old sega saturn. Firstly the games over in the UK are called PAL format just the same as in Australia where I am, so does that mean that a game brought overseas from say the UK would work on an Aust PAL format sega saturn consosle?

Also how do you save your games on the sega saturn since it uses disk games does this mean it requires a memory card like the playstation or can you save games onto to console? I'm really not sure.

Finally as my username implies I'm a massive fan of rpg's (especially the older titles) but I'm stumped for what saturn rpg's I should play. I know of the shining force series which I love and also I've heard of a series called lunar silver star story or something like that. So anyone got any good suggestions?
Well thanks for that everyone,
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old sega saturn, yeesh, what a way to start, just kidding ;)

PAL Australia vs. PAL European. No clue really, but I do feel they may be compatible. Yet I will give you an update on that asap

Saturn has back up ram (512 blocks to begin with), but be warned, some of the RPG's on Saturn require alot, so you will need a Saturn Backup RAM cart (over 5,000 blocks to save up on big games like Dragon Force)

List of Saturn RPG you must try

Albert's Odyssey
Shining Wisdom
Dark Savior
Shining Force III
Dragon Force
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining the Holy Ark
Legend of Oasis

Sadly, those were the only RPG's released in English...the others you will run across are in Japanese only
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Australian pal vs European problem at all :) Any pal game will work fine.

I'd also recommend Mystaria Realms of Lore..good fun.

Also bear in mind Albert Odyssey was only released in English in the US so you'll need a multi region cart for your saturn. I'd go for the action replay 4m plus..its unlocks all regions, has memory, back up ram for those juicy fighters (although it doesn't like a couple of games), its very handy.

Plus it opens up the Japanese software...which is good as you like rpgs and Shining Force was released in 3 scenarios..but only scenario 1 was released outside of japan :(...but there are comprehensive translations on the web that you can print out for 2 and 3...and its sooo recommended.
Cool thanks for the help guys. My starting line on that post bout the saturn saying its old well in the gaming world these days its true but hey no insult intended there I love the old games they're way better than most new games and not half as confusing. Anyway though so I will need a memory card huh anyone know of good place to find one or have one for sale by chance? Would the memory card thing I need have to be in PAL format to work? I'm heaps glad to hear that UK PAL games will work on my system cause I just brought Shining Force 3 off ebay and it cost like over two hundred Aust so I'm happy to hear it'll work and my cash won't be wasted. Speaking of which anyone know of good site where I could get translations for the second and third Shining Force 3 scenarios? Or Roms and translations of older games that were also only released in Japanese too?
Well thanks again people,