Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online

Mar 2007
Who else plays this besides me and Zidart? Just started today and I'm quite pleased with it.


GamingMaiden - Naotochi
Zidart - Zidart
Fr0dus Maximus - Frodus
if you guys ever want to do a bronze/silver run just message me and we'll join to kick the butt of the giant garm XD.

also i joined a clan that is looking for members, they are really nice people and i would like to introduce you guys to them
GamingMaiden said:
Me and Zi went super leveling. We were going to do it with frodus but I had to go. So, I have to make it up to him. :lol
we actually beat the bronze dungeon after you left :lol. it took us less time because frodus has more strenght than both of us magic users