Neo Geo CD Show Off Your NGCD Collection

It seems it's been a while since anyone has shown off there Neo Geo CD collection. So lets see what you've got!

My collection is a modest 17 titles, Japanese only.

I don't care for fighting games, so I only have the 2 fighters that were bundled with my system when I bought it.

I also have a boxed system, Japanese, which I region modded to US, so I could read the menus. I have two controllers, a pad and and original stick.
...and here is my collection...

97 games + Last Hope + the wooden box KoF '98 + the box Art of Fighting 3.

Unfortunately there are still missing 19 spine-cards, but I'm working on it...
Okay here is my collection. Mine too is modest with only 27 titles. I only have eleven of those with spine cards. Two of them have covers that I downloaded from the net and printed them just so they would not appear naked in the case, Real Bout Special and Magician Lord.

At this point, I may be looking at next year before I can add more to my collection. :(
kgenthe said:
Nice collection tadpole! I should be there in another 5 years ;) Looks like you have them all in a plastic baggie? For protection? What drove you to have a complete collection like that?
Yes, the plastic baggies are for protection. And I collected 4 years for this collection. But I can't tell you why...perhaps only to collect anything. Although it's an expensive hobby... :)

But nice to see that there are more collectors outside.

And if somebody has some spine-cards to swap - please let me know.
I've only added Last Blade 2 since I made the post above. I had been wanting to pick up a few more. And I do have my eyes on a few. One of them you have in that photo "kgenthe" which is ASO II. I grabbed up a PSP recently and then picked up the SNK arcade collection vol. 1 for it. Playing Metal Slug on it.

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