Sega Genesis Skateboarding / Ghosts / Hauntings?

Nov 2005
My cousin used to have a Sega (and maybe a couple other systems also). When I would go to their house about once or twice a year, I would play this game he used to have. I don't recall the name, but you were a boy who died due to a faulty skateboard after a money-hungry greedy guy took over the skateboard manufacturer and put $$$ above safety. The premise of the game is your spirit would run around the guys home and you would haunt things (like the plants, or a sofa, or the oven) and try to scare them out of the house. If your timer ran out while you were in the material world, you'd be transported back underground where you would have to hunt for ectoplasm to enable your timer to start again to spend time in the real world.

My cousin doesn't even remember having this at his house, and of allll the people I've ever tried to ask about this, they don't know what I'm talking about. I figured I'd try here before I gave up for good, surely someone knows what game I'm talking about. Any help is appreciated! I've been hunting for this game for years but I don't even know its name. I am ALMOST positive its a Sega game, but I could be mistaken.



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welcome to the boards :) we hope to see you around! Enjoy your stay.

As for the game... I am not sure.... I cannot even recall a game like that.

Was it a US, JPN, or PAL region game that may not have been released anywhere else?
Ghouls N Ghosts here is a big Sega guy... he might know :)

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Jan 2005
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Congrats, you have discussed a very oddball and rare Genesis game by the name of

"THE HAUNTING Starring Polterguy"

It's value is worth $15 to 20 for a loose cart even...

It was made by Electronic Arts

The game has been claimed as a "Maniac Mansion" clone sort of.

Very funny game and you get great points for scaring people.