So, uh, I have a ps3 now!

Jun 2004
So, my lovely girlfriend decided to get me a PS3 slim 160 gb as an early Christmas-congratulations on finishing the semester present!

I already picked up a second controller and Little Big Planet so we can do some co-op platforming. I also got Portal 2, since she is interested in playing it on a console format, and I have never finished the co-op mode.



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Jun 2004
My PS3 collection has grown really quickly!

Along with Portal 2 and Little Big Planet, I have recently gotten:

Tekken 6, Soul Calibur IV, Demon Souls (Thanks Bluevoodu!), Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and Bioshock 2! I also had a couple of spare silicone Dualshock controller covers that I had been using for my PS2 Dualshock 2 controllers, so I was able to get the controllers covered and protected!
I've finally sent my broken ps3 to sony to have them fix. My beloved two year old decided to see how many disks he could shove in the disk drive and after I was able to extract all the disks the drive wouldn't work. I know I'm getting this at the end of its life but it seems like the ps3 has the biggest selection of more tradition type rpgs.
1 bluray, 1 cd, aerosmith guitar hero and assasians creed 1. I actually had to use another disk to pull those out, of course the ps3 needed service after that. then it came back where netflix and psn didn't work when i had it networked wirelessly and the left most usb didn't work so i sent it back, I got it back a little while ago and the usb still doesn't work and now hdmi doesn't output. They've already refunded the repair fee and i'm not going to send it back, i'll just buy a new one, this thing has been a lemon.
Jun 2004
At least you got use out of it before it went bad. I cannot believe my PS2 (that I bought used) is still working. Of course, the PS3 has taken over the media (DVD and such) responsibilities here.

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