Sega Dreamcast So what do you think of the Dreamcast?

Jun 2004
Brandon, FL
cheesehead said:
my dreamcast got a lot of use. i loved the 2k series. while i am thinking about it i could have very well turned into a sega fanboy. because i was basically falling in love with my dreamcast and learning about sega and it's  characters and so on and then the ps2 came  out and crashed it.  so i was wondering what all the hype was about and got a ps2. man my life was drastically changed forever...  ahhhhh ..   oh well
Grr...I hate the football games on Dreamcast, didn't feel like it was real enough for me. I did like the basketball games though, was pretty fun. A must have Dreamcast game is Marvel vs Capcom 2! OMfg...I love that game!
Mar 2005
Royce Da 5 9 said:
So does anyone know for a fact that they are still Dreamcast games still being produced? I mean in Japan or somewhere else?
Yes (in Japan).

Trizeal was just recently released (back in April) and Senko No Ronde (by G-Rev of Border Down fame) is scheduled for DC release later this year (this was in an interview with the design team... since the arcade version still hasn't officially been released, an "official" release date for the DC rev has not yet been announced).

Radirugi (by MileStone, who released Chaos Field on the DC back in December of 2004) will also most likely see a DC port this year, given the company's track-record. That just leaves G-Rev's newest shmup, Under Defeat (which, like all the prior games in this response, is running on NAOMI arcade hardware)... which might just get a 2006 DC release.