Social Savvy Means Time Management

Because you have a 140 character (not letter) limit on Smarketo Review Twitter, you'll need to use a service like to shorten your links when you send them out on Twitter. Another benefit is that many of these services track the number of people who click the link and you can use this data for additional market research.Create a profile and upload a picture: Going on Twitter anonymously is like standing on top of a building and shouting. No one can see you, no one knows what your point is, and everyone feels a little bit uncomfortable about it. Instead, upload a picture of yourself, your staff or even your agency logo. Include a web address and some information about your agency in the portfolio. If you need detailed instructions for creating your portfolio, visit Twitter support.

Let people know where to find you: If you don't put a link to your Twitter profile on your blog or website, email signature or newsletter, then some people who might WANT to follow you will not. You must let the clients you have and the prospective clients you reach out to through other means know that they can find you there too.Twitter use doesn't constitute a full agency marketing plan, but it should be part of one. It doesn't grow your business overnight, but if you give it time and let it evolve organically, you'll get a real understanding of the value of this platform.
The face of social networking has really changed over the years from offline physical meetings to online presence of businesses, personal brands and multiple organizations. Let us go back into time a little. Remember those years when you had to travel long distances just to make an initial sales pitch or portray your brand to prospective clients. How about having to print out tons of fliers and distributing around all the states within the country just to make a new product popular? Then, I am sure you often wondered what became of some of those fliers.

The internet and online presence has made things much easier, giving personal and company brands the ability to connect with millions of people around the world simultaneously and consistently over time. This is referred to as the world of Social Networking and websites like Facebook and Twitter are leading the pack among others. You find businesses having fans all over the world and this followership extends to the friends and associates of a particular fan either through his/her Facebook page or twitter account.

The idea here is that the greater exposure the business or advert gets, the higher the probability of converting the lead into a sale. Also, social networks run on the psychology that since a particular person is interested in a product, then others around him might also use same. There are numerous ways you can use social networking tools or forums to improve your brand, be it a personal business of publicly owned firm. Let us review some of these modes quickly.

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