Sony's PlayStation TV

I got one of these as a Christmas gift from my Wife. I think my first thoughts was about the size of the thing, so tiny. I have 10 games that are compatible out of my collection, about %50. I have a few digital games that I have on my Vita which can be played on the PS TV. Also have tried Crackle app, streams good with wifi.

I really like what it does and I see it as a good companion to the Vita. I am not sure I can recommend this to just anyone. It is nice even though it is not 100% compatible. And it will never be a Roku, having been marketed as such by Sony. Its limitations places it in a category of a niche market piece of technology that only appeals to a small group of consumers. It had good potential to be great. And because of Sony the PS TV will never flourish beyond its current capabilities. I love it.

I think this little set-top box is crashing & burning fast. The price drop from $100 to $39 since last year tells it all. And I think it is due to Sony not giving it the support it needs. But that is not surprising, they have a reputation for doing that to their handheld technology.
I realize the size was intentional to cut down on the footprint but when the weight of the cords drags it off the shelf behind everything there's really no foot print at all. You have to pick it up to put a game in and use some double sided tape to keep in from falling in behind everything. It actually sits under my receiver with the cords half pinched under the foot of the receiver so the pstv will sit on my shelf.
The double sided tape is a very good idea. I can tape it to the side of my DVD recorder with the cart slot up. That might work well with just a simple push on the cart to get it to release. The cap on the slot will keep dust out.
I've had to use double sided tape a to keep my gaming stuff sitting where its supposed to. The worst is the av switches that weighs nothing and has 4 or 5 systems worth of cables plugged in to. Right now I've got 2 of the five system selectors running to a two system selector running to the tv. with all the cabling neatly wrapped it gets heavy and pulls on those selectors, without the double sided tape I'd be constantly digging behind the shelf looking for the switch.
It's a pretty cool piece. Not every game being compatible and netflix not working on it is a bummer though but it's nice playing PSP games on the TV with it. I ended up picking it up for like 40 or so bucks from best buy with a game, memory card, and a controller. Which was an awesome deal since brand new PS3 controllers still range for that alone.

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