Square-Enix's first Ipod game!


When the guys who brought us Final Fantasy Tactics release a new strategy RPG, it's worth opening one eye and making a mental note of even the most forgettable gaming platform. Square Enix has announced their first iPod game, Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes, on Monday, and it's already going to be ready for release on Tuesday, July 8.
Song Summoner continues the recent iPod game tradition of using your music in the game, in this case turning your songs into "Tune Troopers" that are used to combat a selection of mechanical mooks. Players will control Ziggy, the conductor responsible for these miraculous transformations, with the musical warriors being guided by the click wheel across a tactical grid. Types and abilities are determined by the songs, possibly rendering tunes like "Ina Goda Davida" or anything from OK Computer as unstoppable super warriors. We can only hope.

Song Summoner will be available for $4.99 USD at the iTunes store for owners of the iPod Nano with Video, iPod Classic and fifth-generation iPod (sorry Touch and iPhone owners). Which tracks will you be recruiting into your musical army?

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