Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Screenshots)

Feb 2005
AnD X TiLtOne said:

All i know is you play the role of the a secret apprentince of the well just have to wait untill August i think.
It's actually the secret apprentice of Darth Vader. If you want more information on the game go to X-play, they had an interview with someone about the game.
Mar 2007
Strubes said:
If I was talking to you I would have quoted you. :)

I was saying it in general.
Well, unless you felt like spouting it out randomly because you thought the same thing, you'd have to be responding in part to me or Hines, and we thought the same thing.
Mar 2007
Homicidal Cherry53 said:
If the developers can actually deliver on what they're promising here (which I have my doubts about), this will turn out to be a great game...if they can deliver.
I see it getting repetitive very fast. Just seems like a giant physics test from what they've said.

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Jun 2004
North America has some good coverage on this game. This game is definitely ambitious, and the direction they are trying to take the series is an admirable endeavor, whether or not they achieve what they want to do. I really want this game to turn out well. I have my doubts about the outcome of this game, but I am overjoyed that they are trying.