Starcraft II Covert Ops compared to Starcraft: Ghost

Jun 2004

This Kotaku article touts that the Nova missions in StarCraft II are Blizzard's way of making up for never releasing StarCraft: Ghost back in the old Xbox days. Any thoughts?

I have yet to purchase the Nova missions, though I have been tempted...
Jun 2004
I did end up buying Nova Covert Ops last week.

The nine missions add up to several hours of play time. A few of the missions are two-part missions, so it is not overly short. For the $14.99 price, I am pretty satisfied with the additional content.

Nova's additional equipment is pretty awesome, especially the plasma sword, plasma rifle, and jump jet pack (reaper style).

Overall, it is a worthy mission pack. It has the feel of StarCraft II, but also feels like it has an injection of stealth mission fun that I would have expected from StarCraft: Ghost were it ever released.

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