Steam Machines, Controllers, and Links oh my

As of today we can pre purchase steam hardware and have it earlier than everyone else. I've already purchased a link and a controller and am anxiously awaiting their arrival.

I've heard some dissent concerning the touch pads but it seems like this is the best option available to allow the device to function like a controller as well as a hybrid type of mouse.

I'm also unsure how well a link is going to hold up streaming games as the graphics get more and more demanding, I mean I realize the main computer is going to be doing most of the work and my home network is about as awesome as one can get but I still worry. My computer is ready for a new processor and video card and I'd rather invest in a beefy video card and processor than a steam machine and have an aging desktop.

If I don't link it this stuff will probably sell out and be over priced on ebay... unless it flounders kinda like the wii u did.
ugh, could have ordered it from game stop and got the rewards points for it, instead I purchased through steam and got nothing. maybe next paycheck I'll order another remote or two for the living room.
Well, you do get it a month before actual release. There's that. :D

I want to but don't have the funds right now. Hopefully I can still get in on the early bird shipping when I get paid next week.

I also see a lot of gamers criticizing the controller but they don't understand that it's not supposed to completely replace a standard controller but to help bridge the gap between a KBM setup and a controller.

As for the Link, yeah, it's all based on your PC and the network. The receiving end hardware does not have to be strong, just the right output and the right antennas to pick up WiFi. The Link is low priced so that people can place their funds on their PC upgrades, like you. I don't think the Link itself is going to be a big seller, mainly because you can use other hardware to stream. Like an older PC or even a laptop.
As far as streaming alternatives are concerned I couldn't build anything with that small of a footprint, at least not for sub $50.00. Heck, even if a raspberry pi could do it you'd still pay more once you take into account casing and adding all the ports the steam link comes with.

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