Steambot Chronicles

I've been collecting a lot of PlayStation 2 games lately mainly focusing on RPGs I never got to play, specifically targeting Mega Man Legends 2, Rogue Galaxy, and Steambot Chronicles.

I loved MM Legends 1 and mml2 is more collectable so even if I hate it it'll be worth money, Rogue is cheap so no problems there, but Steambot has such a small sampling on Ebay I don't know what to think. There's only ever a couple auctions on ebay for Steambot but they're not super high. 50 - 150 for a game that at any given time there's only a half a dozen available... it seem like if its so limited it'd be worth several hundred dollars. But when I read reviews they're all favorable. Something isn't adding up. If its that good of a game and that rare on ebay why isn't it more? I guess a $50 bin for disk only is a little high but not when there's just no availability.

Has anyone played this game or have any ideas why it seems so cheap when there's favorable reviews and no availability? It's in a lot of popular youtuber's hidden gem list so I can't imagine a lack of demand...
Okay you have gotten my attention. I have not heard of Steambot Chronicles. Looking at it on Youtube, it appears to be an adventure action RPG. I like action RPGs. Battles look like you control our Mech in the attacks. I like the look and feel of the game I get from watching some of the videos. And it does carry a price. I might keep my eye on this one.

Rogue Galaxy, I have this one. Although it has been a long time, and I don't remember anything,I do remember liking this game. Good feelings, which means I can replay it at this point and it will feel new. :lol That is the advantage of being an old gamer.
I don't think anyone got, played, or heard of Steambot Chronicles when it was originally released. Its another one of those Atlus games that didn't catch fire until after the fact. I still can't figure out why its not more expensive. Let me know if you start bidding on one so I'm not competing with you. My video game and blue ray purchases this month have exceeded sensible levels so I'm probably done for a while but I'm oddly drawn to that title and its about to reach must have status.
I just got through purchasing a couple of games (Sept & Octoberish) that were must haves and slightly expensive for me. Got "Last Legion UX" for the N64 and Coryoon for the TurboGrafx 16. Both close to the $50 mark. So my pockets are exhausted and I have been waiting for the end of next week before I choose my next target. This will be in the mix.

The Last Legion is a Virtual On for the N64. Had a Japan only release. Good game.
yeah my wallet is exhausted from what I've already purchased plus I keep eyeing the Misadventures of Tron Bonne to make my mega man legends holy trinity complete but I just can't bring myself to spend more than 60 for a video game.
3rd quarter bonus just hit, I didn't consider or budget for it so free money! just put aggressive bids on everything but tronne ... If I don't build a new computer i'll probably bid on one of those too

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