Summer 2015 Steam Sale a Bit of a Let Down?

Since becoming a member of Steam I think this is the least I've ever spent on a Steam Sale. I kept looking for games like Boarderlands the Prequil to get close to the $10.00 mark, Far Cry 4 to find it way to $20, but everything seemed to be holding a higher price this sale. There wasn't nearly the 75 - 90% offs as past sales. I spent maybe $50 this year. I noticed a lot of you guys from here held back quite a bit as well so I'm assuming you all noticed similar? And how about the gimmick this time? It was just crappy and for the first time in a bit there wasn't a chance at something worth while from crafting badges.
Are we friends on Steam? I don't play a lot of multiplayer so I forget who's on my list. Also, people change their names a lot, so I've lost track.

As for the sale, publishers have figured out to raise their base price and then discount from there. It sucks but it's their game to price. So I just didn't buy as many games. There's also the fact that I have about 500 games on Steam and the games I did want are fairly new, so they weren't going to be cheap anyways.

The meta game was okay. My GF and I had some fun together trying to get a bunch of gold but yeah, it was pretty pointless.
yeah, I'm bcalrogers on steam.

As far as the stem sale I was watching far cry 4 and dying light. Steam's competitors had both cheaper even during the steam sale.

I guess after years of buying games I was bound to catch up eventually, so a lot of the older titles that'd merit 75% - 90% that I'd be interested in I already had and didn't pay attention to. I do still have about a 100 game wish list that I didn't see more than 10% of hit that top discount mark (most of which I bought when it did) so maybe everyone involved is starting to cash in more. I wonder if it'll get worse once the steam machine cracks open the console market?
Jun 2004
The 2017 summer sale yielded zero interest from me...

Since they put the whole list on sale, it is hard to get excited about waiting for the day that game that you have been watching hits its low price point.

Additionally, Steam is completely flooded with mediocre "early access" releases. It just feels like a money-grab with no quality control with so many unfinished games being for sale. It is increasingly difficult to sort the garbage from genuine, quality games.
I didn't spend a dime either. Outside of the better discounts seemingly aimed solely at the crappy or older software I grow increasingly disappointed with the sale gimmicks. Nothing is being given away beside some stupid sticker books that's worth nothing. Past sales gave games, discounts, flashy crap that you could actually sell. No reason to just stock up anymore.
The only reason I didn't buy much was because I pretty much own everything I want. I looked at the $5 and under list and nearly every game on each page showed as Owned. I guess I should start playing these games. :lol
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I just wish that they could cut back on the overabundance of early access games. It is hard to find great new games while sorting through all of these unfinished pieces.

I do understand the business aspect of being able to invest in great ideas, but it really oversaturates the market.
Its turned into a treasure hunt on steam. if my kid messes around on my account for any length of time the games I get recommended exposed to are pushed in my face. I'd like to take a few steps back to the way things were. Offer a million titles, that's fine, just let me separate out what I want from what I don't want, don't do it for me and don't automatically push games in my face. Let me decided if I want to browse titles, categories, etc. Let me decide then tell the software I want suggestions made.

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