Super Nintendo is 25 Years Old!!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Super Nintendo was released on November 21, 1990. Hard to believe it has been 25 years. Did not have time yesterday to celebrate but today I am pulling out the first games that I played. I received Super Mario World with the system and purchased Super R-Type & Gradius 3.
Super Mario World: This game really was magical for that time period. It was so huge, colorful, and full of surprises. For the first time Mario really looked like a cartoon character that you was controlling.
Super R-Type: Blown away. This shooter and me spent a lot of time together. I do remember playing this thing and beating it. Loved the graphics, still occasionally pull this out.
Gradius III: Yes it had slow down. And without that slow down I don't think I could have gotten through some of the levels. This game made me a big fan of the series. I ended up purchasing all of the Gameboy and NES Gradius games.
Jul 2004
I got a SNES in 1993 because I'd broke my finger right before the blizzard of 93 (retro I know you're east coast I'm sure you remember it) and missed out the only snow storm I've ever seen dump more than a foot of snow where I live. I believe I was at the hospital getting the bone set when the snow started. I kept sneaking out to try and get in the snow and my mother felt so bad the first day the store opened she bought me a snes. School was out for almost two weeks and during that time I probably played 16 - 18 hours straight. After the blizzard I still played Super Mario World for hours and hours until I found out that 96 was the magical number. For whatever reason I assumed that was percent complete and not just number of exits found. That game always seemed incomplete to me afterwards for some reason.