Sweet deals you've gotten on games

Jul 2009
Alright so along with buying bad games and missing out on some I'm sure a lot of you have gotten real lucky finding some games.
Maybe you got a load of games for dirt cheap, maybe you found a pricey game being sold for like 1/3rd of the price, maybe you even haggled someone down to it. I'm just curious to see what other people managed to get some great games for! :D

There's a couple for me.
I bought a NES with 3 controllers, a joystick, and a box with like 50 games from a friend for $20!
Scored a PAL copy of Shenmue II for Dreamcast for about $20
Under Defeat for Dreamcast for $50 (pretty sure it goes for over $100 now)
and a Neo Geo Pocket color for $10 :D


Jun 2004
Silent Hill 1 for $5 from Blockbuster
Dragon Warrior 7 for $17 at a K-Mart store closing
FF7 for a measly $7 used at Gamestop {man I wish I would have bought 3-4 copies!}
Jul 2004
virtual boy $5.00
sega cdx $10.00
Final Fantasy 3 CIB $5.00
Top loader nes w/ 2 dogbone controllers $20.00
"broken ps3" $20.00 (wasn't broken, just needed the power button trick)
traded game boy and 5 games for a vcs w/ 80 games (had ALL the swordquest games
TG 16 w/ booster and 15 games for $70 (one of the games alone was worth over $70)

Tons more, these just come to mind. I've stopped and started collecting so many times the only thing I've still got is the cdx.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Zelda Twilight Princess GameCube $9.95 new
Snatcher Sega CD $3
Mega Man X4 PS1 for 99 cents from Ebay
Original Intellivision system with 21 games for $20 lol


Forum Staff
Jun 2004
I got a Playstation 2 console, a carrying case, a second controller, and a couple of PS2 games for $45.

I found Gradius III & IV (PS2) for $5.99 used but in excellent condition.

I found Wild 9 (Playstation) for $1.99 used in great condition.

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath was $4.99 when I got it.

I also think that I got both Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2) and Darius Twin (SNES) for fairly cheap. I am just trying to remember if I had bought Tekken Tag from Bluevoodu.