Sweetest App for Car Junkies: 2XL's XLR8

Can't get enough of racing game apps on your iOS device? Neither can I. I'm always seen with my iPhone playing the newest racing game apps. Well you can't blame me, racing games relaxes me and takes the daliy stress away. And just when I thought I've seen all racing game apps, I discovered this breakthrough must-have app for car junkies, but it's not exactly a game. The creator of some of my racing app games, 2XL Games, recently released XLR8.

XLR8 (pronounced accelerate) features Hollywood-quality recordings of authentic engine sounds of five racing favorites like the Classic v8 Muscle Car, NASCAR, Ford GT40, Ferrari sports car, and Lamborghini Supercar. XLR8 transforms your ordinary car into a roaring supercar! It uses the accelerometers and GPS of your iOS device to realistically create engine sounds to match your car's every move. It works just like how you would play your driving playlist. Plug in your device to your car's stereo and turn up the volume for that full effect.

Every time your car speeds up or when you hit the brakes, XLR8 generates supercar engine sounds. You'll always want your car windows rolled down so everybody can hear your car's million dollar sounds. Starting at only $0.99, you can now get your dream race car and turn heads during your daily drive to work! Download the supercar set package for only $4.99. Pretty cheap for that supercar driving experience.

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