Team Fortress 2 SPIES SUCK thread

Jun 2004
I used to play Team Fortress back in the Quake days.

I got Team Fortress Classic a few years ago. I've also tried Fortress Forever.

Team Fortress 2, however, is not the same game today as it was when I bought it in October of 2008. The updates have totally changed the gameplay.

The single most annoying thing in the game though is the spy. The ability to be invisible and kill even a max health heavy weapons guy in one hit is WAY overpowered for a class...


Not to mention the sapping of a sentry gun. In the original game, spies were the counter to good snipers and/or sentry guns. Gameplay in TF2 though leaves spies stabbing EVERYONE in the back though. It's totally annoying.

Always make sure you have a Pyro on spychecking duty. When you set a spy on fire it's like he might as well tape a "kill me" sign to himself. Even if the pyro's got him alone, he can give chase with the Axestinguisher (my favorite weapon in the game).


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Jun 2004
The Dead Ringer item makes spies nearly invincible, even a critical rocket from the direct hit will do single digit damage on a Dead Ringer spy. Mix that with the Your Eternal Reward knife, which automatically disguises a spy and you've got a 1-hit-killing machine that is nearly invincible, very strong against flame throwers, feigns death...

Except for the games where I join a public server and have the highest score on the map, most of the time I see a spy in the top three MVP slots. I STILL think that Valve GREATLY overpowered the class with the backstab dynamic. Back in the original game, the only way to pull off a backstab was to use a tranquilizer dart on the target first. Feigning death took effort and timing back then, not an item that does it for you automatically. That class is so broken!

I think it is time I go back to solid deathmatch style gaming like Unreal Tournament III.
Man, spies are never a problem for me. They're annoying, for sure. Most are just trolling everyone though. Quite the opposite for me. I NEVER see a spy in the top 3. :O

Spies aren't really overpowered. It's not like they can kill while invisible. There are enough things on the downside to make the OP 1-hit kill not really OP.
Think about the Sniper's one-shot headshot kill if fully charged. Not much difference. A spy has to get in position in the middle of it all and get a backstab. Snipers only need to sit back and aim for the head. If anything, Snipers are more OP than spies.

The Dead Ringer is cheap but it's only really used by noobs, or people who want to troll.

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