Tekken Revolution review


Forum Staff
Jun 2004
I downloaded Tekken Revolution knowing only that it was a free download, it uses a token system with tokens that can be bought in the Playstation store, and that it is based on the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 online play system.

I played through the Arcade mode twice tonight, which is far easier than the arcade mode in Tekken 6, but probably on par with Tekken Tag 2. I could only play through twice since I started with two tokens. I did get the option to use one of my premium tickets for a third play through the arcade mode, but opted to save that ticket for later.

Asuka, Kazuya, Paul, Law, Lili, King, and Alisa all made appearances. That is a fairly limited cast in comparison to TTT2. Hopefully more characters (particularly Yoshimitsu, Kunimitsu, Devil Jin, Jun, Angel, Panda, and Kuma) can be unlocked with multiple wins and use of premium tickets.

I will need to challenge some people online for a full review of online play--fortunately I know a few EGA members on PSN.

My overall impression is that Tekken Revolution is worth the download, particularly if a PS3 owner does not already have Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Those who already have TTT2 might not be overly impressed at the small character cast and the lack of tag play.