TurboGrafx TG16 and PCE general Questions

IF you all have some questions about the system, post them here.

I do have a few questions.

The Tg16 has a Cd system......   the PCE has a CD system.  BUT what memory card does the PCE take as opposed to the TG16.  I know a sys card 2 comes with the tg16 cd systems... and you can get a sys card 3?  Is that the same with the PCE as well?

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Re: TG16 and PCE generaly Questions

The pce cd uses something called the Tennokoe Bank which is like a memory hucard.

You also get other cards such as the arcade card pro or systems cards that upgrade the spec of the cd unit by increasing the ram (the arcade card pro add 2048k :eek:).
Re: TG16 and PCE generaly Questions

I think he's talking about the CD card.

There's the System 3.0 card (Same as what's built into the Turbo Duo), in Japan this is call the Super CD2 card. There's also the Arcade duo which is the Arcade and Super CD2 cards combined. This was never released in the US, I believe.

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