The Fist of the North Star anime movie coming back to dvd

Feb 2007
The North American distributor Discotek has announced that it has licensed the first Fist of the North Star Movie. Discotek will release Toei Animation's remastered version of Toyoo Ashida's 1986 fighting action film on its Eastern Star label in May. The release will include Japanese and English soundtracks. Streamline Pictures had previously released the first film version of Buronson and Tetsuo Hara's manga. A live-action film and three more animated films have since been released.

Re-mastered version of 1986 film to ship in May in bilingual release

Discotek Media launched in 2005 with an announcement that it will release anime as well as live-action films.

That’s right, we’re back to licensing some anime again!

We’re starting with the ultimate butt kicking anime classic The Fist of the North Star movie! The bilingual release will be out this coming May under the Eastern Star side label.
Mar 2007
Whoa. This is weird. Me and my friend were just talking about this. I'm interested now that it's comnig back. I'll have to watch it now.... :lol