The Ghost Who Walks?

I am using the nick name referring to the comic hero, the Phantom. Which seemingly could not die. Here the old forum has had somewhat of a face lift, or new skin, with a different name. Same internal content, but that is understandable. It would look like an empty house if it was started from scratch. Who would want that? What would be the bait? To me the house is still empty, with ghosts. Faded jumbled shadows. This forum is dead without someone, or core of people, to be the catalyst, or the spark, to give motivation, encouragement, the push, or challenge. This is it. Only the door has not been closed. This site has become nothing more than a crumpled up newspaper blowing around in the street. (I love doing these metaphors.) But to be honest, there are so many things out there, social media, that something like this format is just a thing of the past. It served its purpose during that point in video gaming history, and flourished during that moment. Everyone found each other and their gaming fix. From here the paths of life led them out there somewhere.

I am so glad I was here during some of the most exciting times. It was good. But there is another forum out there that I am a part of now. And I am afraid that it might just be the long goodbye.

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