The Legend of Zelda Tri Force Heroes

I just bought this game yesterday because it had Zelda in the title. I hadn't researched it at all and really didn't even know it was coming out until I was walking through Target and they were putting up the new releases. It looks like it has a lot of multiplayer opportunities, anyone else from her buying / bought this game?
First I heard of this. From what I can tell in my, just now short research, it seems to be a type of Zelda party game, multi-player mostly. Not your normal Zelda. What is your impressions of the game? Is it worth it for single player or does it mostly shine as a multi-player?
Haven't unwrapped it yet. I'm in the process of buying property I own a percentage of, I had a final exam last week, starting a systems analysis and design class (that looks a lot tougher than I realized) this week, and preparing to take over for my boss when she takes some maternity leave. I'm lucky if I find the time to cook diner. I will in the very near future carve out some time for this game to satisfy my curiosity and hopefully its good. Honestly, I didn't realize it was a multiplayer Zelda game which now I'm thinking may be a mistake. Zelda is a lot of things to me but it never has been much of a multiplayer experience... at most its been a play while someone guides from the book or pass the controller off when frustration kicks in, but never have I found any of their attempts at multiplayer to be fulfilling. (bad 4 swords experience)
I'd say this Zelda has the worst story of any Zelda that I've played. I've not gotten very far but the dungeons are pretty easy (I'm sure they'll get harder) and work almost exclusively on the stacking Links mechanic, which is fun (I love Disgaea so stacking and throwing is my thing) but it's too central to gameplay, so much so that its almost a gimmick that's required for just about everything.

Single player is ok, but having to continually switch between Links get to be a chore. I can only play for 30 minutes or so before I'm tired of it, usually I find myself lost in Zelda games for hours. Each Link is only allowed one item (so a max of three different items) so the puzzles don't vary as much and I find the lack of options make the puzzles more straightforward. Past Zelda games we found our hero with a lot of different items which allowed for more puzzle combinations and a lot less repetition.

So while I wouldn't recommend the immediate purchase of this game (especially not at retail) It's a fun game that's worth a look, It's just not the Zelda masterpiece we've been so spoiled by.
So you're saying, that if you are really into the older traditional Zelda games, only consider this one if you are looking for something different with the Zelda elements but geared toward puzzles. More of a strategy puzzle type gameplay?
Its similar to previous titles they've just thrown a stacking mechanic in but the trade off seems to be the number of available items. Instead of having an inventory that grows as you find key items each link (a total of three) only gets one item, the first dungeon or two there's only arrows and bombs. It looks like you can only take a max of three different items into each dungeon, making the puzzles seemingly easier. Since there's only a three item combination it just seems like theres less available to use to solve a puzzle making for easier puzzles.

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