The Neo Geo returns this holiday

This is great news. I will be looking forward to this release. This will look awesome in my collection of handheld video game systems. The SD slot is very interesting. I am curious as to what theyare going to do with that. Odd that they do not give any details or plans for its use.
dont sell, I sold mine several years ago and there's not been a day go by since I thought I did the right thing. They're so hard to find anymore and it's a hard to justify spending new gen console prices on a box from the 90's off of ebay.
Has anyone here bought one of these yet? I'm curious as to what you think of it now that you actually have it, if you did in fact buy one. I want one really bad since financial situations forced me to sell my entire Neo-Geo AES/MVS collection 7 years ago, and I'd like a way to play them on an official SNK console. I'm hearing a lot of negative stuff about the video output to the TV though, but one can never be too sure how much of the ranting is just old fanboys who are anal retentive as hell, or if it is actually a big problem.

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