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targetrasp said:
1597 - fun... really? at this point I feel like I'm obligated! kidding, the fun in it is trying to think of what to say to include with the number
^ well all you have to do is google the year and see what comes up. :)

1599 Info according the Wiki:


January 8 – The Jesuit educational plan known as the Ratio Studiorum is issued.
March 12 – Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, is appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland by Queen Elizabeth I of England.
April 23 – The Earl of Essex arrives in Dublin at the head of 16,000 troops, the largest army ever seen in Ireland.
May 29 – Essex takes Cahir Castle, supposedly the strongest in Ireland, after a short siege.
June 20 – The Synod of Diamper is convened.


July 24 – The Swedish King Sigismund III Vasa is dethroned by his uncle Duke Charles, who takes over as regent of the realm until 1604, when he becomes King Charles IX.
August 15 – First Battle of Curlew Pass: Irish forces defeat the English.
September 21 – The first performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar at the Globe Theatre in London, is reported by Swiss traveller Thomas Platter the Younger.
September 28 – The Earl of Essex arrives back in England, disobeying the Queen's strict orders.
November – A Persian embassy arrives in Moscow.

Date unknown

The Globe Theatre opens in London.
The first Capuchin friar is entombed in the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo.
A Dutch fleet returns to Amsterdam, carrying 600,000 pounds of pepper and 250,000 pounds of cloves and nutmeg.

Apparently alot happened in 1599 lol. I wonder what 1600 will bring. :)

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