Sega Genesis The weird and wonderful world of the Sega Genesis!

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
One of the great things about the Genesis (or Mega Drive, depending on where you're from) is the fact that, unlike most other major consoles, Sega licensed out its technology, meaning a range of companies could , along with Sega itself, come up with their own wacky versions of the console.

While some of these were disasters, some were surprisingly innovative pieces of technology.

The actual, official, standard Sega Genesis/Mega Drive was first released in Japan in 1988, and over the next nine years would see just one official worldwide update, the Genesis/Mega Drive II. Meaning as far as Sega was concerned, for the majority of consumers over the system's original lifespan, there were just two consoles.

For a select few, though, and depending on the region, there were many, many more. From 1988 until the present day, over a dozen variations and special models of the Genesis have been released, ranging in price and scope from cheap retro playthings to complicated, expensive computer systems.

The gallery above details some of our favourites, so click through to see them in all their strange, strange glory.

Weird and Wonderful world of the Sega Genesis