The world's 2nd portable SUPER NINTENDO! Hyperkin's SUPABOY! :D

Yes! Hyperkin, famous for portable Sega Genesis systems are now trying to overcome the last bulky SNES mistake with their very own and quite adorable portable Super Nintendo! Simply entitled, THE SUPABOY! :D Rechargable and no batteries needed! Last a decent 5 to 5.5 hours of gameplay! It plays American and Japanese Super Nintendo/Famicom games!

I'm interested! I like the portable SNES that I have with its DS design. But with the choice of being able to use an original SNES game pad! I want this one too! Hopefully it will have an updated compatibility with the SNES game library. It will be even more desireable if it can play Super Famicom game too!
And I have just read that it will have a 3.5" screen! Thanks for bringing this to my attention Mega! I have portable gaming fever now! The traditional cross direction pad was a smart move on their part. Finally someone will maybe get it right.
MegaDrive20XX said:
It arrived November 16th, 2011. Which was surprising I thought. Mine arrived around November 22nd.
Mega? :eek: You have been missed.

Hmmm.. it was not available anywhere that I could tell. Maybe the first shipment sold out? Yeah, it seems like it was delayed like forever. How is it? I have been thinking awful hard about one. There is a Retro Dou portable on the way. I was waiting to see what the difference would be.
Hi Retro! It's been a good while.

So far the Retro Duo portable looks like it's emulated. It can play NES and SNES games, but you have to buy the adapter to play Genesis games on it (Which goes inside of the SNES slot)

The SupaBoy is legit and has won a few awards already, including best electronic accessory at CES.
Game Compatibility is far superior, the screen is excellent, and the buttons are so comfortable. Very much designed like a real SNES controller. I'll post pictures and details when I get home from work today.

The biggest draw back? The speakers omit a low buzzing sound that is nerve wracking even when the headphones are on. Same sound issues of when a SNES is connected to an RF Signal on a CRT if the volume is all the way up. However this sound issue goes away when the SupaBoy is connected to a TV. Aside from this issue, the SupaBoy is a fantastic device.

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