Sega Dreamcast Thinking of getting a Dreamcast..

Feb 2009
United States
Lately I've really been getting into the Dreamcast games (Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi mostly) again on PC and am seriously considering buying a Dreamcast somewhere soon. I'd like to get Crazy Taxi 2 and some other Dreamcast gems. (Shenmue, NiGHTS, so on)

I figured I'd post here so people can suggest the best games and also so that I might ask... what is a typically fair price for one these days? Not looking for some brand new $1000+ kind of thing, just a good old used Dreamcast on eBay or a flea market or something. So before I buy one I figured I'd ask here to make sure I don't pay too much.

I see some going on eBay for $50 or less... is that right or should they be less money and more like $30? Just want to get the best deal so I can get some games too soon after I get the console itself.
Or then again maybe I'm crazy and a typical price is more like $100? :lol


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May 2004
man... I'm so far out of the market on these things. They were fun at one point, but are very loud. I'm sure I'm going to get crap from someone talking down the Dreamcast... but compared to some of the newer systems... I just haven't had a reason to go back to the Dreamcast. I do own one still.

Best way to find a possible fair price may be Ebay at this point... even though I hate suggesting Ebay. I have some games and accessories left I would drop out to you if interested. I may ask for the entire lot to be taken... but contact me [email protected] I'll give you a list and we can run from there on the items.

What are you looking to play on the system? I know there are several good games... but I seriously cannot think of them right now... Ikaruga aside. Talk about a big derp :lol .... I do have Half Life for the Dreamcast... ridiculous loads and all... but there are errors in the game.

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Jul 2004
Get one as cheap as possible. I found one with 12 or so games, 2 controllers, 2 vmus..... for 30 at a flea market and have honestly done very little with it. The library is small and the really good games just aren't as timeless as what I'd hoped or expect. The replay factor when compared to nes, neo, snes, ps2, just isn't there.
Jul 2004
The Dreamcast is one of the best consoles to date in my mind. I would think you could get one for $30-$40 without any games, but at flea markets around here they tend to go for $40 for a core system with one controller. I can't stress enough how great this console is though. It has the most ports of Capcom and SNK games of any other console, and they are all pretty much arcade perfect ports, but with better sound. There is KOF Evolution, KOF 2001, KOF 2002, Garou MOTW, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Power Stone, Capcom vs SNK 2000, Capcom vs SNK 2, Star Gladiator, Last Blade 2, Vampire Chronicles, Street Fighter 2X, and Super Puzzle Fighter X

You get a lot of shooters that are well done..Ikaruga, Mars Matrix, Gunbird, Cannon Spike, Twinkle Star Sprites, Rainbow Cotton, Zero Gunner 2, Castle Of Shikigami, Rez, Chaos Field, and lastly the amazing Last Hope: Pink Bullets.

There are also system classics that define the console, such as Shemue, Seaman, Sonic Adventure, Space Channel 5, Jet Set Radio, Chu Chu Rocket, and Resident Evil Code Veronica.

Then you have Firepro Wrestling D... the holy grail of Firepro games, and wrestling games in general.

Also you have to factor in the Dreamcast's ability to play homebrew games, applications, and emulators as well.