Sega Genesis This day in history: The Sega Channel was announced April 14th, 1993.


Nearly 17 years ago, the SEGA CHANNEL was announced for the Sega Genesis. Long before Xbox Live was dreamed of, way before Sega Net on Saturn...there was...THE SEGA CHANNEL. Not many American homes had the honor to having this unique cartridge that plugged directly into your Cable Vision signal to bring you games directly to you each month with online game play as well.
I am one of the 1-year subscribers of the old Sega Channel that was connected on my old Sega Genesis Model 1 HDG that later stopped working @ the end of my subscription back in '96-'97, where I'd be playing so much Sonic, and some Mega Man: The Wily Wars. I think Alien Soldier was also on the American Sega Channel as well, and so did Pulseman but I didn't get to play Alien Soldier when it was on the Sega Channel. (I got it on Jap VC it instead last year.) I think the cable company Comcast used to be called was TCI when they offered Sega Channel when I used to live in San Jose.

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