Top 5 favorite PS2 Games

Feb 2005
What are you all saying. :'(  Though everyone is entitled to their own opinion and my opinion is that it should have been on everyones top 5 but I seem to be contradicted on the matter. Peac Out.
Jun 2004
the sun
i thought it was a solid battle system. it had variety in use with flying, swimming and grounded.
the way you got moves differed depending on how you chose the items in the beginning so it's somewhat different play on replay
the characters they put back in from final fantasy were improved in looks (ie squall, cloud, and seph)
i've loved nightmare before xmas since it came out and it resurfaced that love again.
it had good difficulty, not enough to make me break something, but enough for me to have died a few times
thankfully they allowed control of how the AI of donald and goofy used their abilities and items, though they did act stupidly still
plenty of secrets with the trinities and dalmations.
pretty good graphically and i thought controls were solid. the ability to cast magic quickly with the shortcut was handy, without it, it would've made the game lacking. the summons were pretty cool too. magic and items were done well, etc
it gave me more respect for disney.

at least, that is in my opinion why i thought it was an outstanding game. i just placed it over ffX because i know ffX would have been a good game, but this i had many doubts of it before i played it. i can understand disagreement, but that's why i chose it as a top 5
Mar 2005
Since everyone here seems to know KH quite well, I just want to mention it did say "Final Fantasy combined with Disney!" And what did we get? A bunch of disney-levels with a few final fantasy characters - and most of the FF-characters appear once or twice. Even better, all the three "main" final fantasy characters are not even -from- final fantasy, only inspired by them? Let's just hope Kingdom Hearts 2 will be better. I know it's going to be darker and more mature, so hopefully that means more Final Fantasy and less Disney.

Anyway, a Top 5 list?

1. Mercenaries
2. Final Fantasy X-2
3. TimeSplitters 3 (and I don't even like FSP-games on consoles)
4. WWE: Smackdown! vs RAW
5. Mortal Kombat: Deception
Jul 2004
Kingdom Hearts has just been bumped out of my top 5. Why? Because today I got Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne.

My new top 5 list would be as follows...

1. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
2. King of Fighters Maximum Impact
3. Metal Gear Solid 3
4. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
5. Katamari Damacy
Mar 2005
My current top 5 pics for the PS2 (in no particular order):

Gradius V
Ratchet & Clank 2: Going Commando
Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
Giga Wing Generations*

*Yes, I know it doesn't get released for another 8 days, but I already have my pre-order in.
Mar 2005
1. God Of War
2. Gran Turismo 4
3. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
4. Time Splitters Future Perfect
5. Prince of Persia The Sands Of Time
Jul 2005
1. Gran Turismo 4
2. Medal of Honor both games\
3. Need for speed underground
4. Need for speed underground 2
5. Manhunt

All these games are amazing and r better than enthusia. Midnight club 3 iz a hot game, but i never said i hated it haduken 91.
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Jul 2005
r-type final
klonoa 2
theme park roller coaster
kya dark lineage
metal gear solid 2 substance

lord of the rings: the two towers
Sly 2
Athens 2004
Pacman World 2
Winnie the pooh's rumbly tumbly adventure
(I have only played like 5 ps2 games anyways :-[)
Jul 2005
okie my current top 5 ps2 games ( not in particular order)

Final Fantasy X International
Metal Gear solid 2
Metal gear solid 3
ys 6 ark of napathism
Grownlanser Generations