Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Jul 2004
movie / toy / franchise type video games usually are crap and I'm always afraid to invest any time or money into them. Of course there's some star wars stuff that's good, and a few of the 16 bit Disney games that really surprised but for the most part those games are crap. Transformers looked good, some of the games got blasted, others seed to review ok and I've always wanted to try out one. Is fall of cybertron worth it?
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I picked this one up recently out of the Walmart bargain bin for $5. I have only played it long enough to die one time. What I played seemed good. I haven't been back to it because I have had a lot of irons in the fire lately. It looks like a game that I will need to sink my teeth into and spend a lot of time with. Graphics are awesome.


Forum Staff
Jun 2004
Fall of Cybertron had the best reviews of any of the Transformers games on Steam when I bought it. I played the game through to the end. It had a solid story, GREAT graphics, and really intuitive gameplay.

Throughout the game you switch through different characters' storylines, so it stays fresh.

I think that the fact that Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb (the two from X-play) had praised its solid soundtrack.

The game did not disappoint.
Jul 2004
Its funny, I didn't like bumblebee when I was a kid (puny little beetle) now I look back on him fondly (as both the beetle and the far superior Camaro).