Transmetals: Beast Wars!!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
Just got this game this past week. Did a quick temporary back change to the cart so I can play.

Been wanting this game for a while. The American version just seemed too expensive for me. (I'm just a player not a collector.) I had read many times that it is a bad fighting game. I played it through this morning using Cheetor. It was difficult at first, controls are not intuitive. And it did seem that when fighting against certain characters I had to use a different strategy other than just one move. The game does feel a bit unfinished, a lot of potential left undone. (Could have been awesome.) But I did enjoy the short trip through once I got the hang of it. While playing, I wanted more moves for each character's mode, kept pushing different buttons & nothing, and I did not like the difficulty in aiming my weapon. My conclusion is, one would need to be a diehard fan to really be deep into this game. I got the idea when playing that this was a quick push to market.

Overall I am glad to have Beast Wars in my N64 play-list. And in spite of my negativity above, I will pull this one out occasionally. I need to try different characters to find a favorite. Even though it is simple, limited as a fighter, and a far cry from the present day Transformer games, I will enjoy this in my N64 playtime. ;)