Type 2 Diabetes - What About Chocolate?

Malignant Hypertension is the worst type. It is very severe and it just keeps Blood Balance Formula Review getting worse with time. It very quickly will lead to organ damage. If it is not properly treated, it will result in death in as little as five years for most sufferers. Intensive treatment can reverse the condition and prevent complications. It is not brought on by cancer. And, it is not caused by any malignancy.

Isolated Systolic type may be diagnosed in older folks. The systolic, which is the top number, stays above 160. And, the diastolic is below 90. This is caused by the stiffening of the arteries. And the loss of the elasticity in arteries like the aorta; sometimes diagnosed as arteriosclerosis. It is very important to receive treatment, because it can help prevent strokes and heart disease.

White coat type is brought on by anxiety. The individual's blood pressure is high only when it gets tested by someone in a clinical environment, like a hospital. Here is where the term "white coat" comes from. It is then recommended that such a person have blood pressure readings performed in a more relaxed area. If it shows a normal reading, then simple follow up tests in a non clinical area will be sufficient. It is good to make sure that persistent hypertension is not developing.

Make a few lifestyle changes. Less alcohol and cut down on the salt. Maybe lose some weight. Eat a low fat diet. Have more fruit and green vegetables. Leaving hypertension unchecked will cause a whole lot of health problems in the future. Basically, uncontrolled hypertension can cause the force of blood to damage the arterial wall, which in turn can make it easier for cholesterol particles to adhere to them. Over the course of time, plaque can form, which can narrow or block blood flow to different parts of the body.


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