Panasonic 3DO Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for Panasonic 3DO (Yes, it almost happened)

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
and here's the proof.

Let's take a trip back to Spring of 1996. I was about 15 years old. The 3DO was still here. I made a phone call to 3DO customer service, for I had some questions about when this game was going to be released. The lady over the phone was very kind to me and offered to send me promotional goods related to my question about it, since I almost bought a 3DO but shortly exchanged it for a Sega Saturn at the time of it's price drop of $199.99. This is what she sent me with promotional buttons for the game "STRHAL" for 3DO. I wonder what the game would have turned out like, if it wasn't for Sega taking the spotlight since they had first dibs on UMK3. I'm really happy to find this hat in storage, I thought it had been lost for quite some time, yet I'm thankful it survived :)